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Speciality Leaf


Fresh produce sourced from over 40 countries...

Planet Produce sources fresh fruits, vegetables and salads from more than 40 countries with the goal of achieving year round supply of most products whenever possible. Although the company currently procures over 90 lines, its success has been built on its expertise in the supply of exotic fruits and vegetables and speciality salads.


Our extensive product knowledge allows us to advise growers and exporters on many of the issues relating to the UK market - preferred varieties, pack sizes, packaging, UK and EU legislation in respect of food safety and pesticides.


Our customers benefit from a product that has been monitored from the field to their door, complemented with up-to-date information on growing conditions, potential shortages and logistical problems that may occur from time to time. We strive to deliver a premium quality product at a competitive price.

Speciality Leaf

Speciality lettuce direct from UK and European growers, including lollo rosso, lollo biondo, frisee, red oakleaf, escarole, radicchio and romaine, are procured for sale as whole head and raw material for processors. Bagged and loose packed baby leaf salads are also available.


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specialty leaf
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